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Nutritional therapy in Alice Springs

Our bodies are continually making new cells and the fuel we power our bodies with directly affects the health of our new cells.

Nutritional Deficiencies can cause our cells to mutate, causing diseases and illnesses like cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, arthritis, gallstones, gout, obesity, muscles cramps, high or low blood pressure, constipation, diverticulitis, acid reflux, osteoporosis, IBS, diabetes and so on - the list is long.
Our habits, environment, air, exercise, sleeping patterns and stress levels are more considerations to becoming unwell that a therapist may examine.
At Shop for a Good Life, our Nutritional Therapist and Women's Health Practitioner may get to the cause of your distress and help determine if you have nutritional deficiencies and guide you to correcting them.
A Nutritional Therapist also works with healthy people to help prevent disease, works with sick people to minimise symptoms and improve a developed disease, complements current medical treatment by working in collaboration with your general practitioner and monitors symptom and health improvements. To help play a role in your health improvement, they also analyse your food intake.


Why choose us for nutritional therapy?

We love to help people. Our goal is to help each person who comes through our door with the tools they need to heal their bodies from the inside out. If you are lacking in essential nutrients, then your body will never feel at its very best. We help you determine where any gaps lie, help you meet your nutritional goals, and provide you with the tools that will allow you to obtain long-term success. Whether you are at a healthy weight, need to lose a few pounds, or are in need of a weight gain, we can meet you where you are in terms of health and help you achieve your goals.
Dietary Supplements — Nutritional Healing in Araluen, NT

Dietary supplements in Alice Springs

We offer a wide range of dietary supplements to help give your body the support it needs for optimum performance. Although there is no replacement for a healthy diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins, sometimes you can’t get everything that you need from food alone. The soil of today doesn’t retain all the nutrients that it used to, and that means that fruits and vegetables growing today don’t have the same level of nutrition as foods grown in the past. Additionally, food sensitivities and allergies prevent some people from eating the right foods to obtain specific nutrients.
Luckily, we provide a wide range of supplements that will help to improve your nutritional profile to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to properly function. While we have a wide range of supplements, you won’t necessarily need all of them. We will give you a personalised supplement plan so that you only take the supplements you truly need. From whole body nutrition, to targeted carrot and beet powder, to herbs that are specially formulated for women’s health, we have something that can help you with virtually any nutritional deficiency.

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What makes quality dietary supplements?

Our supplements contain real food ingredients that your body can recognise, allowing it to absorb more of the vitamins and minerals inside. It’s not just about how much of a vitamin a supplement contains, but how much your body can actually absorb. That’s why we choose the products that have the best bioavailability to ensure that you’re getting everything you can from each supplement that you take.

If you have any questions about our dietary supplements, give us a call and we are happy to provide all the information you need to get started.